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Liftie monitors lift status for selected ski resorts. When the lift status changes, so will the display. No need to hit browser's Refresh button. Liftie remembers which resorts you are interested in and will show their lift status when you come back.

To display the lift status of a ski resort click on the plus sign, to hide it click on the minus sign. If you want to see a single resort simply click on its name. To see ski resorts grouped by state, country or area use tags at the bottom of the page. You can also group your favorite resorts by using the star sign next to the resort name. Once you star ski resorts, look for the Starred tag to display a page with your favorites.

If needed Liftie can take you to the official resort page. Look for the shortcut sign.

Liftie may even help you score discount lift tickets: click on the dollar sign next to the resort name to see the latest deals on

Questions or suggestions? Our e-mail works. We'd love to hear from you. Let us know if we are missing your favorite resort. And if you find Liftie useful, make sure to tell your friends about it.